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Video and Animation

The Bombing of Munich

The Bombing of Munich is a short, animated film from an interview with Josepha Worden,
an 83 year old German immigrant to the United States. During World War II, she was a child, living in Munich when it was bombed by the allies.

Joe Sennott and the Immaculate Heart
of Mary

This film uses animation, still images and video to tell the story of Joseph Sennott, a photographer who grew up in a strict separatist Catholic community in western Massachusetts, and died of aids in the early 90’s.


A short animation about emotional physics.

Daydream Narcolepsy

This piece is about the conflict between responsibility and escape. A young girl is rescued by a giant hairy beast that takes her on a tour of American distractions. She is comforted to sleep, though the world continues as she drifts away.

The Fall

This short film is an investigation of the acceptance of failure. The character takes a leap of faith and is momentarily elevated, but ends up in the same place he begins.

American Love Story: A Landscape in Sequence

This is a true story told from memory and visually investigated through the lens of one very far removed. Looking through the idyllic frame of the rural American landscape, the narrator leads tells the story of a culture where death is the mundane thread of daily existence and comfort food marks the limited boundaries of hope.

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