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Graphic Design and Illustration

Service of Process Mailer (Suitecase)

Service of process is a legal procedure that requires the appropriate notice of a legal action. Each state and municipality has its own rules surrounding this system, and this product was designed to make it much easier and more streamlined for law firms and individual legal personnel. This mailer had a 20% response rate, which was way above the 6% average. My role was concept, and some of the visual design.

CourtLink Document Retrieval Service (Popcorn Box)

This service allows court personnel to task Lexis Nexis with searching out discovery documents from courts across the United States. The campaign included an offer for free movie tickets, so it was easy to track. This was one of our most successful campaigns with a 23% response rate as compared with the previous average of 6%. My role was to concept the campaign, as well as the initial design of the mailer.

File and Serve Paper Campaign

This was my concept for a campaign that promoted File and Serve, a Lexis Nexis product that made it possible for court personnel to fil and serve documents without ever dealing with paper. My role was to write the copy and concept the preliminary layouts, while my team produced the proposal images. Although this campaign was not produced, it was a team favorite.

CourtLink Strategic Profile (Low Hanging Fruit) Campaign

The Strategic Profile function of CourtLink can be used by law firms to find opportunities for class action suits as well as for other potential business from corporate or federal clients. My role in this was to concept the campaign, and to do the preliminary layouts. The campaign had a 11% response rate which was improved from the average 6% from previous campaigns.

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